November 13, 2005

Steve here.This is my winter project.

It started with this Chevy S-10.I picked it up with a freshly built 350 installed and the guy was driving it daily.I knew as soon as I got it I would be getting rid of the aluminum Wiend and Edelbrock 650 for a tunnel ram.I'm just a tunnel ram kind of guy.I do it to alot of my

Day 1 Replaced front steering componets as needed.

Day 2 Replaced broken back glass and installed warning sticker.
(Lean forward and hold onto your ass).
Cleaned up engine.

Day 3 Out of town road trip for two days to trade up more parts.

Day 6 Tore top of engine down,pulled distributor,carb,intake and valve covers.Installed the bottom half of the Wiend tunnel ram I got over the week-end.

Day 7 Finished up the install with brand new distributor,cap,button,wired and plugs.
Topped it off with two Edelbrock 600 performers.

Haven't dialed the timing or carbs in yet.Did take it out and play some.It runs better then it ever has for sure.Sounds different now that it's getting some fuel.I'll have picks tommorow of the completed project.
Guess the hood is next.I dread that part.Lol.

I did go look at some 15x14 Centerlines with Mickey Thompson 18.50's.Hoping to get them soon.I have the rear.It's only 40 inches drum to drum.4:89's in it too.
I'll post more as I do more.

OK it's tommorow and the hood is done.Carbs covered.Air gets in but water doesn't.Played around with some grafix ideas too.This was my favorite.