January 10, 2005

hi i have a 94 gm sierra 350 z71.
i am going to do some maintenance to try and better performance and fuel mileage, im going to get a factory cap and rotor and 02 sensor.
i can also get these at canadaian tire, but is it better to get original stuff for these particular parts?? Also i was going to gat an accel coil, or is this not worth it. (can they run weak? or are they good or bad only. I was wondering if anyone else has any other parts they reccomend changing or checking, Also i will put in new plugs, they wires are only 1.5 year old. the truck has 310,000 km but only 30,000km on the motor, also anyone have starter problems where it won't disingage? ive gone through 3 starters in a year (wilson's) also changed terminals and alternator and battery twice