April 15, 2005

I have a 2005 Silverado Crew Cab 1500 with a Procomp 6' Lift and 35x17" BFG muds.
I have the Power Programmer III and I want to know what is working for anyone else as far as shift points go?
I have no idea what they should be set to.

On a side note, I also want to know what gears would work best for me.
I am looking for a performance increase.
I hate when I step on it while accelerating and I hit 5K RPM and do not take off like I think I should.
However, stepping on it at 40mph or 50mph and accelerating to 80mph feels like I have tons of power.

The only mod I have made so far with the programmer is gas type and tire size.
I have also added a K&N filter.
I plan on adding the entire intake system and exhaust.
What else can I do???

Thanks for all your help and Advise.