December 31, 2005

I have a 78 Ford 150 with a 460 4speed manual, 205, 9inch rear, and dana44 front running 36.5 on 15's.
The previous owner blew up the rear diff then the front at a mudbog I was at. I offered him 500 on the spot and bought the truck.
The guy had a 78 bronco with the same axels "3.50 ring" with a bad motor and trans that he through in.

I torched the axels off and scraped out the bronco. Then I through in the third member off of the bronco.

I have never done a diff replacment. While it looks like I can just remove the axels, drop in the diff, and check the runout. Then adjust the shims to get good mesh.
I am going to replace the lockouts,seals, and bearings also.

Is it this easy. I am very mechanicaly experenced but it just seems to easy.