December 31, 2005

I have a 78 F150 standard cab shortbed 4x4 that was used as a mudtruck.
The truck has a rust/ damage free cab but the rest is dented, smashed, and crumpled.
I know someone that has a 77 standard cab shortbed with a good body. I can pick this truck up for $800.
My only concern is if the 78 cab will match up to the 77 bed, doors, fenders, and hood.

I don't even care if the bed matches up I can fit any bed on.
I have done a full body off restro.with other trucks. I know that I can save over 12 hours if I leave the 78 cab on.

Will this just bolt up. I am very experenced in body work and do not see a difference. But, I don't want to find out after buying the truck.