October 20, 2014

In extremely clean conditions for assembly, parts work surface without knocking, no scratches, burrs and other attachments; strict rules, seals should be properly installed, do not be in place to prevent deformation; grasp Performance specifications and requirements of the seal timely replacement of failed parts; side cover classes for thin-walled parts, the use of sheet metal cold do correction; easily worn shaft hole type parts can be metallized, welding repair, adhesive, machining and other processes in order to achieve the original size; try using sealants, paints alternative available when necessary to achieve the desired sealing effect; slide wire nut off the buckle, loose should be repaired or replaced with new parts [url=http://www.maxspeedingrods.co.uk/high-performance-opel-vauxhall-astra-calibra-zafira-c20let-z20let-xe-2-0l-4340-en24-chrome-moly-forged-h-beam-connecting-rods-conrod-x4pcs.html#.VB-Kt1OZCUk]Opel Calibra conrods[/url] and tighten to the required torque; should be carefully examined before the appearance of quality rubber seal assembly; use specialized tools to press-fit, avoid banging deformation; filling grease required regular cleaning to clear the vent and one-way valve. Just do the above, the vehicle is completely wrong oil spill cure.