August 30, 2004

What a time to remodel the site .They won't let me use my old screen name I am Redramman! OK, Replace (if you have not done so) your cap and rotor plugs and plug wires.The cap/rotor I used is made by Accel it has more space between contacts and better contacts for eliminating crossfire,don't worry the bigger rotor maintains correct timming.There are alot of good after market wires I use MSD pre-made set I think they are 8.5mm. As for plugs I'm still experimenting I hear the stock type Champions work best (part# on radiator support sticker).You can run cooler plug to eliminate spark knock but you loose some power. Buy some wire seperators.The TSB talks about putting Insulation around wires to prevent crossfire,you can buy this and all the other parts at a performance auto parts place or online.If you install good wires and seperators you may not need the insulation.My truck came with some plastic flexible wire covering that I reused it covers each wire halfway starting from the cap.Plan on spending about $90-$125 for all this. If you have to go cheap first try a new cap and rotor .